It’s almost 2 months out from the trip, and i have only JUST finalised the accomodation for the trip…. For someone who likes having everything sorted WELL before, this was cutting it fine……

BUT it’s done…..

When i first planned out the accommodation for this trip it was all going to be Airbnb… then it was going to all be hotels.. then back to Airbnb….. In the end, it was a bit of both, and a bit more…. And it worked out well.

In Queenstown, it will be peak ski season so prices are at a premium. Airbnb was the obvious choice here, so with the plan going forward to spend more time in QTown, i would have a base. But it turned out, a lot of people already had that idea. So trying to get a room close enough to the city centre, and within budget proved to be an impossible challenge, and one that got harder by the day.

Hotels were out as i knew they were well out of budget, so i grit my teeth and had a look at backpacker hostels….. i knew i would not be cool with a dorm and it had to be a private room (i needed all the energy i could get and therefore needed sleep!). Ended up finding a perfect place in Base Backpacker Hostel which is literally in the centre of town metres from the important things (AJ Hackett and Fergburger…obviously).

In Auckland and Sochi, i am lucky enough to be staying with friends of mine. Auckland is a good friend of mine i haven’t seen for way too long, and Sochi is in Krasnaya Polyana with some AJ Hackett legends.

The rest of Russia, London, Hunan Province, and Singapore is all hotels. And a wide range of hotels. Russia is very much a case of the cheapest room i could find (within reason), as i don’t expect to be in my room much. I want to explore this amazing country with every single second that i get there. Accomodation in St Petersburg and Moscow in total was around $300!

London is a Best Western Hotel in Ilford, decided for easy access to the city and on the way to Southend Airport for the flight to France on the last day. Hunan Province is a tiny little hotel with a 5 star rating on Trip Advisor, And Singapore is Marina Bay Sands and Excelsior Peninsula.. A little bit of luxury to look forward to!

The rest of the trip is all Airbnb.. some of it rooms some of it full houses/studios. The choice was based on position and length of stay. The whole French road trip is rooms in houses. With maximum 2 nights stay in each place (Mainly 1 night) i wanted a┬álocal point of view in each stop on the road trip, to make sure i got the most out of my time. And who doesn’t want friends in France!

The only exception to this is the Mont St Michel stay the first night of the road trip…

Paris is a sweet little studio apartment 5 minutes walk from the Eiffel Tower and walking distance to where i want to be Beijing is comparable in distance to all Beijing has to offer, and Cairns is my standard stay in Cairns right near the AJ Hackett jump site….

So like the cities in the trip, the accommodation is a mix between old friends, new friends, luxury and budget. As with the flights, i was planned enough to ensure that i had time to wait for the best price, and time to pick the perfect spot. Whether, the spots are as perfect in reality, we will find out. BUT, regardless of the accomodation, i don’t plan on spending much time in my room, or hotel. The notable exceptions are Mont St Michel and Marina Bay Sands.

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