Bungy World Tour: The Epic version

Originally, a sleepless trip from Sydney > Hong Kong > Macau and back over a weekend to complete the world’s highest bungy, the trip has become a epic full 10 week world trip crammed full of adrenalineĀ (Still probably not much sleep). Still very much in the planning stages, the flights and accommodation has been booked so locations and lengths have been set, and now its just a matter of seeing the best of each city. Check out the epic new…

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Next upĀ on the trip is Cairns. This will be the first time i have been on Aussie soil for 7 weeks by the time i get here. And what an awesome site to finish on. And an awesome place to relax at the end of my trip! There will be plenty of sun time, water time and me time! But last weekend i packed a backpack and headed up to Cairns for AJ Hackett’s 26th birthday at the site. And…

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