China Bungy

From the amazing Russia, we change gears and head over to Beijing. With no jumps here, we get to do a little more sightseeing, and that means the Great Wall of China! Using a whole day to discover the wall, and then a second day to spend having a look around Beijing and checking out Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City and everything else you do in Beijing.

From here we fly out to Hunan Province for the China Jump over ‪Zhangjiajie‬ Grand Canyon! This is a massive jump, and being the highest bungy in the world at 260m, it is also the highest bungy on the trip! This site (above) looks absolutely insane! Also containing up to 3 swings!!!

Check out this awesome article including a drone shot video of the bridge…. or this video from the owners of the bridge.

Then i get to spend a whole day on Tianmen Mountain…. including the Coiling Dragon Cliff glass walkway below! 1500m above the ground…..And so many other things to doooooo! This adds another element of adrenaline to an already awesome stop!

But with no English spoken OR English signs, I may not be doing this part on my own!

CHina Glass walk