From a jam packed, adrenaline filled, 6 days trip in New Zealand, it’s off to London for a jam packed, sightseeing, touristy 4 day weekend.

On this stop, one of two on the trip with no jumps, I get to tick off some long standing bucket list items: Stonehenge and the completion of the Wicked: The Musical trifecta (West End, Broadway and Australia (Melbourne and Sydney).

The plan is to leave Auckland late and arrive in London on a Thursday, catch up with some mates, and get straight into the sightseeing. The things i definitely want to see are:

Tower of London

London Bridge

London Eye

Big Ben

Buckingham Palace (Changing of the guards anyone?)

Palace of Westminster/Westminster Abbey

Trafalgar Square

The Shard

London will be a HUGE sightseeing mission for about 2 days! Once i have done London, a day trip down to Stonehenge is an absolute must. So close to London, i have to tick this off on the bucket list! It’s even worth dealing with the crowds!



Second tick on the bucket list is Wicked:The Musical on the West End. This will be the 4th time i have seen it, and the completion of a Trifecta of Wicked, including Broadway and Melbourne. Sydney was an added extra!



On top of all the tourist stuff, London is a chance to catch up with a few really good friends of mine that i wouldn’t have seen for about 2 years by the time i go. So London may be a group effort. And the best part about it is a lot of them haven’t met each other!

For a relatively new addition to the trip, AND a non bungy stop, I am super excited about seeing London. It almost feels like the history lesson part of the trip!

Do you have any other additions to a London trip you would add? Let me know in the comments below, on my Instagram or my Facebook! And don’t forget to come back next Friday for STOP 3: FRANCE!