Bonjour tout le monde!

Next stop on the Tour is France! I. can’t. wait. for. this!

I have wanted to go to France for so long, i’m super pumped to actually be doing it!

From London, the plan is to catch the ferry over and head straight down to Normandy and complete the 61m jump there. This site is the highest water touch bungy IN THE WORLD! And i am getting wet! This site could also, by the looks of it, rival The Ledge in Queenstown for being the most amazing location. It looks absolutely stunning!

While i’m on site, i’m looking at doing their swing, Zipline, and pretty much every thing they have, as well as multiple Bungys!

Check out the video to see all the activities!

Looking at spending probably a night and two full days in Normandy and checking out the D-Day beaches, Abbaye Mon Saint Michel, and the general area before heading up to Paris!

Paris has been on my bucket list for years! I have loved Paris since i did French at school. It’s going to be a busy 4-5 days in Paris but i’m going to make sure i see it ALL!



Eiffel Tower – Without question, climbing to the top at least twice! One by day and 1 to watch the sun set.

The Louvre – Gotta catch a glimpse of the Mona Lisa

Notre Dame –

Arc De Triomphe/Champs Elysee – Climb the Arc De Triomphe and walk the Champs Elysee

Sacre Coeur


Palais de Chaillot

And every other possible thing you can do in France! Eat, drink, walk, drink, be more of a tourist, drink……

Eiffel-Tower-1  Arcdetriomphe





If you have any suggestions of what else is a France must do, comment below, on my Facebook or my Instagram

Au Revoir,