You may have noticed that I have been quiet on the social media front for the last month. The honest reason for this is.…

I lost drive.

Bungy World Tour has completely consumed my life for a whole year now. Every decision I make, every dollar I spend and, every day that I wake up, is based around the tour. The first, last and main thing that I think about every day, is Bungy World Tour.

Every conversation I have with anyone, at any time, ALWAYS comes back to Bungy World Tour. And always has for a year. It may be the tiny little piece of salesman I have in me, but it’s more likely a sign that the trip has totally taken over my life!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not at all complaining about being fortunate enough to be able to do a world trip to bungy off stuff, see come cool arse places, and, if social media so far is any indication, meet some cool arse people. I’m definitely not complaining about going to Russia (I mean it’s Russia… It’s awesome!), Walking the great wall, Road tripping through France, finally seeing Queenstown in Winter, and all the other cool stuff I’ll end up doing.

I’m 100% not complaining about all the exhausting trips I have done to AJ Hackett Cairns since August, and the insanely awesome jumps that I have be allowed to do, that have gotten me excited for the tour, possibly more than anything else (other than the people i have met throughout the planning of this trip).

In fact this post in by no means a complaint about anything. Everything about this trip so far has been amazing, and has been exactly what I thought it was going to be.

Including this part….

I honestly think I completely underestimated the amount of work that a trip like this involves. (And for someone who has a penchant for thinking big, that’s a fair bit). And the fact that every time that it grew in length, the amount of work, obviously, increased. Add this to a natural obsessive personality, I think I realised that I bit off WAY more than I realised, and I have just swallowed the last piece of it, and am a little drained.

Keep in mind that a year ago, Bungy World Tour was a weekend trip to Hong Kong to jump Macau Tower and then come home again…..

Over the last month, the reality of the enormity of Bungy World Tour has set in and now that it’s all booked, sorted and planned, I can step back. And just like a marathon hike, you’re fine if you keep going, but once you stop, that’s when it hits you. And I think it hit when I left Cairns the last time, knowing that this would be the last time that I would bungy for 3 months, and the last time I would be in Cairns for over 5 months! It hasn’t been that long since i went the first time in August last year!

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Bungy World Tour. I love the idea that I have built this little project from nothing to the epicness that it is. But until recently, I honestly thought that it wouldn’t actually happen. That something would come along to stop it. This potentially was a safeguard for me. But nothing has. And maybe that’s terrifying.

BUT the good thing is…. There is 70 days left until I fly out…..THAT’S. SO. SOON!

And I am starting to get pumped again. It’s no longer work, it’s all just epicness and getting pumped. Looking forward to taking off in Sydney on the 11th July, pumped for that first jump from K Bridge in Queenstown, that first look down from the Nevis, that first fall on the snowboard…..

And that’s just the first stop.

I may have been pretty much offline for a month.. But I’m coming back..

And it’s going to be epic!