Well fuck me sideways, this is actually happening!

Just over a week and we are off. We can barely countdown in weeks. And its nearly single figure days……DAYS!!

Months of planning the most epic thing i have ever done in my life. And it’s almost fucking here.

Months of planning that seemed to go forever, now feel like they have flown. Months of planning what feels like organising ten seperate trips at once.

This post was originally about the fact that it hasn’t actually hit me yet that I’m going but laying on my bed watching some dumb youtube video something clicked and i couldn’t stop laughing (the videos weren’t THAT funny…. ahhhh cats really are fucking assholes)


All the time on the stupid treadmill, all the food i haven’t eaten, all the money i have had to (learn to) save, stupid amounts of logistics and organising, applying, booking, research….. over. And soon, so soon, i get to live it!

10 WEEKS OF FREEDOM! 10 weeks of new places, new things, new shit…. New people! You guys!

One of the best parts of this, the part that makes it just that little bit more epic for me, is that so many of you have connected through social media, that it doesn’t even feel like a solo trip! Exactly why i wanted to go solo. I’m pumped about meeting you guys and having you be a part of the trip!

Fuck just watching it on Insta or FB. Hit me up if i am heading somewhere you are, and we will hang.

Come jump where i’m jumping, eat where i’m eating, hang where i’m hanging.

Know something cool where i am? Show me. Tell me.

As far as this blog is concerned, it’s gonna be updated after i leave each country**

Let’s fucking do this!


**I’m really fucking shit at keeping this shit updated.. but i will. Eventually. I promise…