Let's hang out

Let’s hang out

Sounds nuts right? Flying 50,000kms around the world to jump off shit? Midlife crisis much?

If it is, then let’s get this second half of life off to a flying (ha!) start!

A month ago my relationship ended. A relationship that i loved as much as i loved him. It took me completely by surprise. The only thing i thought might save my sanity was the fact that he was leaving, permanently, for England in July.

But then i had a bad week. And i knew where i let this spiral take me from here, so i figured i needed something BIG to keep my mind occupied.

That something big started out as a “Day trip” to Macau, China to do the biggest bungy jump in the world, off the Macau Tower. 233m.. In the week i took off work in July to mourn his leaving, I’d fly from Sydney to Hong Kong, get the first ferry across to Macau, straight up the tower, complete the jump, then back onto the ferry then back onto a plane.

Luckily my friend’s told me that that was apparently a dumb idea. So, of course, i went bigger.

And that, is how the Bungy World Tour came to be. A way to deal with a heartbreak.

So planning is in its extreme infant phases. In fact it’s probably not even an infant yet, but a new born baby still covered in birth fluids. The idea came to me on a Sunday afternoon at the end of May. Which is when i emailed AJ Hackett, basically to see how dumb the idea was (more on this later, but they LOVED the idea….), and to see if they could get any use out of it.

So this is how i am planning it at the moment. And this is bound to change.

I’m gonna leave Sydney and fly to Queenstown (one of my favourite places in the world!), Spend about 4 days doing the First three jumps on the tour, and since its going to be snow season, i’m going to snowboard for the first time ever. (It might be a very short trip…..Travel insurance anyone??)

Next up is Auckland. The plan at the moment (and it’s likely to change) is to fly to Auckland, jump in a cab, head back out to the Auckland Bridge jump site, my first ever bungee in 2011, jump No. 4, cab to the city, chill in Auckland city for a bit then fly out that night to…

San Francisco! One of the places that i have wanted to see in the US for a long time. It just seems so quaint. Walk the Golden Gate bridge, get locked up at Alcatraz, see the crazy streets, walk the Golden Gate bridge, ride a tram,….did i mention i want to walk the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE!!!!!

Next up, Los Angeles. DISNEY LAND!!!!! No AJ Hackett bungys in the US, so Disney land is gonna have to fill in the spot. And then all the sites that LA has to offer. Bout 5 days here.

France is the next stop. And i get to tick off the top of my bucket list. PARIS BABY! Exactly where you go when you want to deal with a heartbreak…. the most fuckin romantic place on earth…..  5 days cruising round Paris with no where to be. French champagne on top of the Eiffel tower….Yes, please.

Then it’s time to jump of shit. Because then we are off to Normandy for jump number 5. Let’s make a 5 day road trip out of it. Who’s in!! (My UK friends i’m looking at you!)

Then Mother Russia it is…. IF i can get in! Anyone know anything about Russian Visas! 3/4 days each in St Petersburg and Moscow, 2 full days in Sochi to jump the second highest, and 6th jump of the trip, 207m at Skypark Sochi. AS well as a 69m jump (No. 7) and the longest suspension bridge in the world!

Then it’s back to Moscow, and off to Hong Kong (potentially via Dubai….to stay in Dubai or not…). Week in Hong Kong including a day or two in Macau for the mother of all jumps, the worlds highest, and  at 233m!! HELLO BABY!!!!! In 2001 i climbed to the top of Macau Tower.. 338m…. On the outside of the tower. From where the bungy is to the top!! This was my first adventure experience..and it was AJ Hackett.

From Hong Kong, its off to Singapore for their newest bungee in Sentosa Beach. Nearly the baby of the trip at 50m…. But it hasn’t even been built yet!

Then its back to Australia for a full day (or two) of bungys at the last stop of the tour. Including a BMX jump. Keen to see how the jumps change after all the other ones.

Then home to crash! And plan the next one.

So basically if you have gotten this far, you’ll be coming along for the ride over the next 14 or so months on the planning and prep for an EPIC time.

Looking at filming each jump with 3 Go Pros on me (leg, wrist, chest? filmographers, any ideas?) plus my phone and then also the vids from the jump. There’ll be snap chats and all the usual social media stuff. Remember : Social media is gonna make cool shit happen on this trip.

Hit up the social medias below to stay up to date with the prep and be ready for the tour!

I’m out!


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Snapchat – Haven’t gotten this far yet, but it will probs be Bungy World Tour (i’m so original)

You Tube – Bungy World Tour – this will be where my vid blog will be uploaded, as well as vids from the trip and previous vids. Like it. Make me famous.