Sometimes, i have noticed in my travels, that life throws a curve ball and sends you in to a place that you never expected, and it turns out to be one of the best things that you have done. It happened when i got a chance to work in Macau, and i’m pretty sure that Russia is going to be another one of those times.

Never in my life have i even thought about going to Russia. In fact i have previously said that i would NEVER go to Russia. But then the Bungy World Tour idea is born, and that puts Russia right in my path. And so far, it has been a completely different experience than i had expected from Russia.

When i saw that there were AJ Hackett jumps in Sochi, Russia, the plan was always to fly into Moscow, not leave the airport, get onto another flight to Sochi, head straight to a hotel, then the next morning head out to Skypark, do the jumps and all the stuff that Skypark meant, then back on the train and fly back to Moscow, then out to Hong Kong that night.

The shortest time i would ever be in any country on the whole trip. But, Now…..

I’ll fly from 5 days of realising a long held dream in Paris, to St Petersburg for about 3/4 days. The more i look into this amazing city, the more that i want to do. The place looks seriously amazing in everything i see it in. So far, this is what i have lined up for St Petersburg:


Church of our Saviour on Spilled Blood – Literally the building that made me want to go to St Petersburg


Kazan Cathedral – a seriously powerful and amazing looking buildings.


Peter and Paul Fortress/Cathedral – Think there is a theme emerging here……

Anichkov Bridge

Palace Square





Palace Bridge at dawn, St.Petersburg, Russia.

Palace Bridge and Square

And i am sure there will be plenty more added to the trip

From St Petersburg, its off to Moscow by train. They tell me the scenery in Russia is beautiful so i thought the train may be a novel way to check some of it out. And its only 4 hours.

The thing i’m looking forward to in Moscow is EVERYTHING i want to see is basically around Red Square!

St Basil's

St Basil’s Cathedral, Kremlin, Mausoleum, Bolshoi Theatre, and obviously the Square itself.

After about 2/3 days in Moscow, its off the the place that bought me to Russia in the first place. AND the place that i am most excited about, potentially on the WHOLE trip!

Sochi Skypark!

Pic shows: The world's longest pedestrian suspension bridge in Russia. It really could be a bridge too fast. The world's longest pedestrian suspension bridge - the SkyBridge near the city of Sochi in south-western Russia, stretches for almost a kilometre over the Krasnaya Polyana valley. It can take up to 30,000 people at a time, and bungee jumping fans too who travel to the new attraction will not be let down - if they opt for the let down of nearly 650ft as they hurl themselves off a viewing platform on the bridge into the valley below. And extreme sports fans who have not had enough highs for one day can speed along a zip wire more than 500ft above the valley floor. Known as the Trollwire - riders are strapped to a zip wire horizontally side by side - it reaches speeds of 70mph as it swoops through the air. The Skypark AJ Hackett has already successfully applied to the Guinness World Records to be recognised as the site of the longest suspension footbridge in the world. Spokesman Vladislav Baranov said: "Parts of the skypark are still under construction but we want this to be the highest, fastest, most fun park in the world." He added: "There are two heights of bungee in case people don't feel brave enough to go all the way down from the top, but just to come for the bridge and the views would take your breath away." One visitor, Lima Uvarova, said: "I was going to go on the high bungee but wimped out. I'm definitely doing it next time. The views are amazing." (ends)

There are so may reasons that i can’t wait to get to Sochi. Sochi itself looks amazing, and can’t wait to check that out, but the Skypark, looks INSANE!!!!

Containing two jumps, one of which at the time will be the biggest jump on the trip at 207m, and a smaller 69m, (which will still be the third highest), there is so much more to do.

MEGATROLL – The worlds fastest trolley at 120kms/hr. Think zipline on steroids!

Sochi swing – 170 HUGE metres!


Skybridge – This thing is insane! And i love it! The longest suspension bridge in the world at 439m.

And so so much more. This place is like the Queenstown of Russia!

Another reason, and probably just as big as the Skypark itself is the Skypark jump crew! These guys have been so supportive of this trip and i can’t wait to catch up with them. Overall AJ Hackett crew ALL over the world have been supportive, but these guys are over and above anything i expected!

From 3/4 days in Sochi, its back to Moscow (this time not leaving the airport, for a flight over to Beijing.

And by this time, i’m pretty sure i’m going to have lost a little bit of my heart to Russia.

Do you have any other recommendations for Russia?