The last international stop on the tour is Singapore! Now, i’m gonna be honest and admit that other than the newest jump in the AJ Hackett arsenal, Sentosa, i had absolutely no idea what there was to do in Singapore.. Honestly.

This part of the trip is a little mini homecoming with me with to of my sisters and mum coming over to Singapore to…..well just to have a holiday (and make Marina Bay Sands more affordable…….). So i left it up to them to plan out what we are doing….

And they didn’t let me down….

Day 1 I arrive at Changi airport at around 3pm on the 7th of September and head straight to the hotel (the fam arrived on the 5th so check in has already been done), then head straight over to Clarke Quay for a drink and dinner. On Clarke Quay they have a reverse bungy… (is it a bungy though??), but next to that they have bungy bar…. No prizes for guessing where drinks are!

Day 2 we hit up Sentosa for the full day! Cable car over to the island and straight over to the Zipline that takes us straight over to Siloso beach right near the bungy… Can’t think of a better way to get there, honestly! Straight over to the bungy to get my sisters on their first bungy ever (you know how much i LOVE watching peoples first jump!), and spend the whole day on site giving every activity a go (Bungy, Swing, Vertical Skywalk, and more!), then its over to the Sentosa Luge for a few laps on the track as the sun goes down and into the night.

Day 3 we take a little bit of a change of pace and head over to Singapore Zoo starting with Breakfast with the Orangutans, the not check the rest of the Zoo out. Then its time to chill out in Singapore and wander.

Day 4 we head over to Little India and check out that. Google this place and you ill see in two seconds why its a must do! Spend the morning here, then over to the Marina Bay Sands to check in, throw our stuff in the room and straight up to that insane Infinity Pool! Marina Bay Sands was the only non bungy must do for me in Singapore, and 2 nights here is going to be epic (Expect Sunset and Sunrise pics over the pool!).

Image: EasyVoyage UK

Once the sun sets it’s out for Chilli Crab and check our Singapore from the Singapore Flyer.

Day 5 is probably the day i am looking forward to most….. After 8.5 weeks of city hopping across the globe, today will be nothing….hanging by the Marina Bay Sands pool, drinking Singapore Signs (when in Rome), and doing nothing until we have had our fill. And then its off to China Town for their night markets……. Can’t wait to see whats on offer.

Day 6 we fly out to Cairns, but not until 9:30pm, so chances are good that i will end up back at the bungy site for a couple more jumps before i head home. Nothing has been planned for this day, but i have no doubt it will be filled some time before it comes!

So from the least known place, with hardly anything planned, Singapore has now stepped up and become just as big a part of the trip as any other stop. And i’m excited about it!

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