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So you have decided to do a bungy Jump! WICKED!

Welcome! You’re going to love it. I promise!

You’re nervous?

That’s cool. Totally understandable. I bet you are thinking “What am i doing!?” Right? Perfect! Nervous is all good, BUT, once you have done it, you WILL want to do it again.

Let me put your mind at ease. Here’s my top 5 things you should know about bungy.

  1. It’s safe.

It really is!

AJ Hackett, the legends who commercialised bungy, started operating in 1988 from Kawarau Bridge in Queenstown, New Zealand. In November this year, they have been operating for 28 years! And maintain a 100% safety record, even after over 4 million jumps worldwide. That’s pretty impressive.

See how it all started in this video

From early on, right up until today, safety is No. 1. AJ Hackett Jump Masters complete rigorous training in all matters safety related on a continuous basis. So, they may be the ones throwing you off the edge, but you CAN trust them….  (DISCLAIMER: They won’t actually throw you off the edge).

Yeah but, how safe is it though?

Think the cord is going to snap? It’s not used to even half of its capacity! In fact each cord is manufactured to withstand 1500 jumps but is retired after only 500! And you are connected two ways on every jump as standard!

Think the equipment is going to fail? All of their equipment is designed to hold 2.2 TONNES! Thats an elephant!

AN ELEPHANT CAN BUNGY JUMP!!! Awwwwww cute! Dumbo Bungy.

Safety is such a high priority to AJ Hackett, that they wrote the book on Bungy Safety. Literally.

They developed the The Code of Practice for Bungy Jumping, AS/NZS 5848, in conjunction with Australian and NZ governments, which is still the standard today.

Told you it was safe.

But don’t take my word for it, let the experts tell you here

2. It’s gentle on your body.

You are on the end of a HUGE rubber band (it’s a little bit more scientific than that but you get the idea). when the free fall stops, the stretch in the cord will slow your fall, and when slow to a stop, you will bounce back up. And then fall at the top. And then bounce again.

It’s super gentle. I swear.

Your eyes won’t pop out of your head, your spine won’t stretch, your ankles wont break. We’ve heard it all.

I SWEAR! It’s very very gentle.

3. The longer you stand on the edge, the harder it is to jump

Once you are on the edge, You’ve done the hard part already.

You got to the jump site, You’ve dealt with the nerves, (In Cairns, you climbed the 196 steps!), you convinced yourself to put on the harness, you’ve talked your legs into moving to the edge of the platform… and somehow, through the jelly ness, they did…

Now all you have to do is jump.

You are seconds away from the most amazing feeling of freedom you can experience. You just have to jump.

Trust me. The longer you stand on that ledge, the more times you count down from 5, the longer you tell yourself “Next time i’m jumping”, the more scared you will become.

You are seconds away from overcoming that fear. You have been psyching yourself up for this for an hour. You have SECONDS left. Don’t let fear win. Today is YOUR day to win.

In case you are still unsure how to overcome the fear, here is some advice from AJ Hackett himself.

4. It’s different to skydiving…. AND BETTER!

If you want a massive adrenaline hit quickly, bungy is for you.

After doing both Skydiving and bungy, and i’d pick bungy every time. The quick adrenaline spike is the most epic feeling ever.

Don’t get me wrong, skydiving is great, and i’d definitely do it again (10 times), but i can’t beat the rush of jumping off a ledge, free falling towards the ground metres below. The thrill is in the closeness of the ground. With skydiving, for me, its almost too high for your brain to comprehend whats happening.

5. Do it once, you’ll do it again

WARNING: Bungy is addictive.

That rush, that adrenaline spike, is hard to not get addicted to. It’s an accomplishment. You overcame fear, and you jumped. And the payoff, is the massive rush.

Once you jump, you WILL jump again.

Good luck with your first bungy! Tell us below how it was!

Already done a bungy? Did you love it?  Let me know in the comments or on my Facebook or Instagram

Time for me to bounce,