Originally, a sleepless trip from Sydney > Hong Kong > Macau and back over a weekend to complete the world’s highest bungy, the trip has become a epic full 10 week world trip crammed full of adrenaline (Still probably not much sleep). Still very much in the planning stages, the flights and accommodation has been booked so locations and lengths have been set, and now its just a matter of seeing the best of each city.

Check out the epic new plan:

New Zealand – 11th July to the 18th July 

Queenstown PanoThere is no where else really to start a Bungy World Tour than where it all began, in Queenstown, New Zealand. Or as i know it, Heaven on Earth.

Landing in Queenstown at 7:45pm of the 11th, bags are dropped at Base, and then straight out to Minus 5 Ice Bar to kick off the tour!

Obviously all AJ Hackett offerings are happening… Kawarau Bridge, Nevis, and Ledge Bungys. Nevis and Ledge Swings, K Bridge Zip lines. The Shotover Canyon Swing and Fox is 100% in the plan as well, as is the Onsen Hot Pools… trying not to kill myself during 2 days (and my first time ever) snowboarding (could be a very short tour), on the Remarkables should be fun, and a Queenstown visit wouldn’t be a Queenstown visit without copious amounts of Fergburger.

Just added: A Sunday day trip to Glenorchy to hit up the Dart River Jet. All of the above is still on the tour, just jammed in to 4 days instead of 5! Fergburger lunch on the go i reckon! 

Queenstown is becoming EXACTLY the start to the trip that i wanted! Jam packed, full on, and EPIC!

Quick 36 hour trip to Auckland, back to where my bungy experience started in 2011 at the Auckland Bridge Bungy… Other than this, Auckland is pretty much unplanned and take it as it comes.. maybe an early recovery from the epicness that will be Queenstown!

London, England – 19th and 20th July

Super quick 2 day stop in London to catch up with mates, Wicked on West End, drink drink and more drink, and seeing the absolute highlights of London.. Tower bridge and Tower of London are must do’s.

Just added: The brand new (opening 6th July!) Zip World zip line. This will be the worlds fastest city Zip. And in perfect time for Bungy World Tour! 

France – 21st July – 11th August 


CroppedFocusedImage160076850-50-1TopRunningLand in Caen from London at 1:30 and spend the afternoon checking out Normandy, then the next day is a full day at AJ Hackett Normandie . THIS day is going to be epic. Bungy, Swing, Luge, Zipline, and all in one of the most insane locations.
Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 9.45.40 amThen we kick off the most epic road trip through South of France and the French Alps, starting with a stay on Mont-St-Michel (check it out). Through 16 days, avoiding highways wherever possible, we wind our way through Bordeaux, Toulouse, Montpellier, Marseille, Nice, Tallard, Tignes, Lyon, and up to Paris. Epic wine, epic scenery, epic times. On the road trip, with Latitude Challenge, we tick off the highest bridge bungy in Europe (181m! If you don’t count Russia as Europe…), and the only non AJ Hackett bungy on the trip!

Eiffel-Tower-1The France epicness leads us to 5 days in Paris. Paris being, not only one of my most wanted holiday destinations, but where bungy got thrust into world view in June 1987, when AJ Hackett jumped from The Eiffel Tower. Bungy World Tour wouldn’t be complete without it….. Obviously all the Paris sites are included. Arc De Triomphe, Moulin Rouge show, the Seine, baguettes, L’escargot, Gypsies pickpocketing my stuff……

Russia – 11th August – 23rd August 



Russia was originally planned as a day trip through Moscow to Sochi for the jump, and has become a 12 day, 3 city jaunt through what is one of the most exciting locations on the trip, for me. Starting with 4 days in St Petersburg, then jumping on a train to Moscow for 3 days of Red Square madness (and possibly..absolutely..fuck loads of vodka), then onto 5 days in Sochi for the EPIC Skypark! To say i am pumped about Skypark, is a brutal understatement. At the VERY least 2 full days of Skypark is going to be included here the rest of the time is doing what you do in Sochi (which, for me, will probably just end up being Skypark…..)


China – 24th August to 31st August 

Originally planned with the optimistic hope that the new jump would be built, China is not going to waste… 5 days in Beijing will include Tiananmen Square, Summer Palace, Forbidden City and all the other Beijing site. BUT, the pinnacle of Beijing is a full day hike of the Great Wall… EPIC!


From Beijing we head to Zhangjiajie in Hunan Province for a 3 day tour of the most epically stunning place i have seen….think Avatar mountains.


Hong Kong and Macau – 1st September to 6th September

Macau Bungy 7I can’t wait to get back to Hong Kong and Macau after a 14 year absence. Macau tower climb is literally the first adventure activity that i ever did in 2003 (Ah huh…late start)….This time we get to jump off it as the highest bungy in the world. Hong Kong is the base, but a weekend Macau, and a full day at Macau Tower is the pearl.

Singapore – 7th September to 12th September

MBSIPThis is where the chill was supposed to begin!… The Sentosa jump will be completed (it looks EPIC by the way! Check here for updates on the site), so i have a full day on Sentosa starting with a Zipline onto the beach, Full day at the jump site, then up to Sentosa Luge for some night luge action. 2 days in the Marina Bay Sands and a day of that is in that EPIC infinity pool. Zoo, Little India, China Town, Chilli Crab (nom nom nom) and everything else that Singapore has to offer! 

So much for chill!

Cairns – 13th September to 19th September

First on site look at the awesome purpose built tower

HOME! I am so looking forward to ending this trip in Cairns, my home jump. This is going to be an epic homecoming. Finishing the jumps on the trip, scuba diving the great barrier reef, back up to Cape Tribulation, Port Douglas, and surrounding areas. It may be the last stop but it doesn’t finish until we leave!

Big changes throughout the trip and I’m sure there will be more to come! I’m linking this post to my Facebook, so please comment here or  on my Facebook, and let me know what else you think we should do in each city!

See you on Tour!