Wanderlust - "Not all those who wander are lost" - J.R.R Tolkien

“Not all those who wander are lost” – J.R.R Tolkien.  Photo Credit: Wordables

It’s a question that is asked constantly…

And it’s answers are as varied as there is travellers. We all have our own reasons for travelling, and our own reason for travelling to the places we travel to. These reasons are anything but static, and nor should they be. Each trip can be, and in my case is, different for every trip. On the surface, it can be just to get away from our routine, to take some time out, visit or catch up with long lost friends. Or to jump every AJ Hackett bungy.

On a deeper level, the reasons can be just as varied. We want to get away from something, or run to something. Find something, or lose something. To forget, or to remember. To find someone, to get over someone, or, my favourite reason, to find ourselves. It really is insane how little we know about ourselves.

Photo Credit: diaryofacanadianexpat.wordpress.com

Photo Credit: diaryofacanadianexpat.wordpress.com

How we achieve our reason, our purpose for travel is just as varied, complex and personal. By discovering whole new cultures, new communities of people, whole new areas of this amazing planet, we discover ourselves, we clear our minds of our normal mode of thinking, find a clearer perspective on life, find (and expand) our limits of what we can achieve, and change as people.

Or we just chill out on a beach somewhere and stop thinking for a while. Whatever suits.

When i first began planning Bungy World Tour, my objectives were very very clear – avoid a downward spiral that usually results in a relationship ending, to get fit, to become more financially stable, and to see the world. Something i wasn’t able to do in my 20’s. That was 6 months ago.

6 months later, i have dealt with the relationship with surprisingly (for me) little pain, i have lost 13kgs, i have more cash, and less debt than i have ever had in my life, and the trip itself has expanded well and above what was originally planned. More about these changes in a later blog post. So what is my drive for travel now?

These things are still a drive, but now it’s a deeper, more personal drive.

Now, it’s to challenge myself to travel alone. I’m cool with conversing with new people at any level. If they start the conversation. If they make the approach. Yeah, that’s not gonna really give me the result i want. And with a short amount of time in each spot, (between 2 and 6 days) to get the most out of it, i MUST get out of my comfort zone and grab the opportunities that are out there. And then start again in the next spot. This will by far be the most challenging part for me

To see beyond MY world. Travel is growth, right? To a point. To get true growth out of travel, you need to be uncomfortable. And i expect to be a fuck load of uncomfortable on this trip….. During the trip, out of the 9 countries i will visit, New Zealand, England, France, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, and Cairns, Australia, more than half of them do not have English as a first (or any main) language. 9 very different and unique cultures, people, and customs. Many very unlike mine. And that is exciting. It truly is a world tour.

To meet new people. And already, the people i have “met” through social media have been awesome. I haven’t even left the country, or Sydney even, and i have met some amazing people from Russia, USA, New Zealand, China, France, all over the world. And already, again without leaving Sydney, my view of the world is changing. And i love it. Check this out:

When i first conjured up this trip, my plan for Russia was into Moscow, not leave the airport, down to Sochi for a day, then back to Moscow and out to the next stop…….. Now, in a large part due to the awesome Russians i have met, I’m now in Russia for almost 2 weeks! And i can’t wait!


And finally, to achieve something EPIC. Something i can look back on and go “Fuck yeah i did that”…. I’m thinking travelling the world to jump of some epic things in some of the most amazing parts of the world should be pretty epic. And hopefully a start to a lot more crazy shit.

I’m sure as i plan more, and the trip become closer, there will be more things i want to do on the trip. And i hope there is. I’m so open to the change on this trip, from personal change, to seeing how my jump intensity increases. I certainly don’t expect to leave the same person as returns.

I want to know why you travel. How has travel changed you? What has it taught you? What are your best travel tips to get the most out of it? Let me know it all!


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