I have been asked this question a few times now, so i thought i would answer it for y’all!

There are three main reasons that i want to do this trip:

1) To travel

2) To discover myself, my limits, and push my boundaries

3) To do something epic.

My life is pretty good. I live in a beautiful apartment with awesome housemates. I have enough money to do what i want to most of the time. Day to day, I get up the morning, i go to my 9 – 5 job (which i love), i come home, i hang with my housemates. On the weekend, i relax, eat, chill and hang with my faves. Pretty standard stuff.

This trip came out of me wanting to do something big. A new start.

I didn’t know at the start what i wanted to do but i knew that it had to be epic. Like HUGE. Life changing huge.

Me changing huge.

I starting thinking about all the stuff that i have done in my life that seemed pretty cool. Joined the Army Reserves, been a PT, been a bodyguard, Lived in Macau, travelled to Canada, organised some massively successful fitness events. Stuff. Yeah i’ve done some cool stuff but what have i done that is truly epic! And i couldn’t think of anything.

That lead into a “i gotta start living” type conversation with myself. What do i want out of life? What do i REALLY want out of life? Who am i? What can i really do, if i really set my mind to something?

So over a couple of beers, i sat down and thought “If i could do anything at all in life, what would i do”….Straight away, it was the number 1 on the list…..


I want to travel the world. Not over 20 years. But right now. I want to see as much of the world as i possibly can before i die. I’ve seen a few countries, but it’s just not enough. I want to see completely different cultures, eat completely different foods. I want the world to shock and surprise me. I want to be amazed and bewildered, and stunned by beauty. I want to fall in love with the experience that is life. And i want to do it everywhere. I want to leave myself somewhere over the other side of the world and spend the rest of my life working my way back to retrieve it.

Which leads me to number 2

Find myself

I’m pretty confident that i know who i am. But i know who i am in this life. In this country. In this way of living. As i look back i have never really put myself into a situation that makes me feel completely out of my comfort zone. And it’s time. And it’s not just the jumps that i’m talking about.

Yeah, standing on the edge of a 260m high bridge, or a 233m tower and jumping of it is a huge challenge. But the challenge i’m looking forward to more than anything else? The challenge that is going to allow me to find myself, to get the most out of life, and show me my limits, and allow me to expand them… travelling solo. I’ll bungy off anything there’s a bungy cord attached to, but travelling solo in countries who’s first language i don’t speak (France, Russia, China, Macau, Hong Kong, Singapore) for a month?

That is the challenge i’m looking for.

Do something epic

I’m travelling around the world solo (literally. I refuse to not do it one way, and actually circle the world), to countries, mostly, who’s first language is not mine (and who knows how much English they speak!), packing in as much adrenaline based stuff i can in 6 weeks. THAT is the sort of epic that i am talking about.

It’s all about the challenge. And landing back in Sydney in September 2017, and thinking,

“THAT was fucking epic! Where to next!”

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Time to bounce,